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Banxia in UK are no longer selling the MOBI, but you can buy it from Turning Technologies who bought eInstruction in 2013.

100% interactive whiteboard.
And that’s just the beginning…

Mobi View™ is the first of its kind to offer a large LCD touch screen that provides the ability to control your lessons from anywhere in the classroom, so there is no need to go back to your computer during a lesson. In fact, with Mobi View™ there’s no need for a fixed interactive whiteboard.

Student-centered Learning

Mobi View™ helps drive a student-centered, active learning environment within the classroom. Add Mobi™ Learners and up to 9 students can interact with lesson content at the same time. Students work together and learn from each other for a higher level of collaborative learning.

Touch screen.
A compelling lesson is just a touch away.

Mobi View™ provides all of the tools you need to successfully deliver compelling interactive lessons in a user interface designed exclusively for teachers. Mobi View is thoughtfully organized, incredibly convenient, and makes everything one-touch simple.

Mobi View with Student Response Systems

When you pair Mobi View and student response systems, you receive real-time formative assessment feedback from anywhere in the room. Students enter their answers into the CPS device and their responses are immediately displayed on the Mobi View touch screen. Now you have data in your hands that gives you deeper insight into student performance during lessons, so differentiated instruction can take place at the moment of learning.

More capability than an interactive whiteboard, for much less money. That’s best value!


  • Learn Together – The Mobi System includes the Mobi View (for teachers), the  Mobi Learner tablets (for students), and Interwrite® Workspace software. Up to nine Mobi’s can work together simultaneously.
  • Assess Instantly – Mobi’s integrated color display shows student clicker answers in real time, making it easy for teachers to identify students who need special attention or topics that require re-teaching.
  • Be Mobile – Featuring an ergonomic, ultra-lightweight design, Mobi lets teachers teach and students contribute from anywhere in the classroom or lecture hall. It’s the perfect classroom management tool for today’s computerized classroom.
  • Instructional Content – Use Mobi with ExamView® and Interwrite Workspace to access and interact with lesson materials from virtually any source and publishers’ content from more than 6,000 textbooks.
  • Charge Up and Go – Mobi instant wireless connectivity takes just minutes to get started and will work with you existing computer and projector, so no additional equipment or costly installation wiring or pedestal is required.

Versions are available with built in screen for teachers, or without screen for students.

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