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About Examview

eInstruction’s ExamView® is the #1 assessment-and-content software in the USA. ExamView® provides state- and Core Curriculum State Standard-aligned content and seamlessly integrates with Response™ for immediate student performance feedback.

ExamView® Assessment Suite

Easily create, administer, and manage formative and summative assessments. ExamView® is included in over 8,000 textbooks (sold separately), so chances are it’s already in your classrooms.


  • Test Generator—create assessments and worksheets using multiple question formats. Works with CPS™ for real-time results.
  • Test Manager—manage CPS™, online, and paper tests and results, and generate numerous reports.
  • Publisher Content—in the USA, publisher-prepared question banks for over 7,400 textbooks are available (purchased separately). Many may be suitable for UK use too.

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ExamView® Learning Series

Unique, high-quality content aligned to state and Core Curriculum State Standards. Learning Series works in concert with ExamView® Assessment Suite to produce study guides, worksheets, and formative and summative assessments.


  • Content—over 14,000 test questions; over 12,000 state standards-aligned items for language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies; and over 10,000 Common Core State Standards-aligned items for language arts, reading, and math.
  • Response Integration—seamlessly integrate our technology to receive instant assessment results via Response student response systems.
  • Dynamic Questions—automatically substitute items so one question generates hundreds of variations that test the same concept.

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